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BGR Reviews the Microsoft Surface RT Tablet


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The folks over at BGR recently did a lengthy review of the new Microsoft Surface RT tablet. Not only do they delve into the Surface itself, but they also go into great detail regarding the differences between Windows 8 and Windows RT. Their writeup was very informative and eye opening. Below we have included a piece of their final summary of the Surface RT Tablet, but the article is well-written, thorough and definitely worth a look.

The move to separate Windows 8 and Windows RT this way was a necessary one in the context of Microsoft’s interface unification strategy. And in order to build a lighter-weight OS that could power less expensive devices and compete with the likes of Apple’s iPad, Microsoft needed a “Windows Lite” solution. Some concessions could certainly have been made in order to better distinguish Windows RT and Windows 8, but this is the path Microsoft chose.

Windows RT has a lot of growing to do. The faster Microsoft can get developers on board, the better — and the early days will be slow-going in some respects as a result of this lack of apps. But even as it stands today, the Surface provides a terrific experience right out of the box and it will only get better over time.

Source: Microsoft Surface review — Surface with Windows RT tablet reviewed | BGR