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Review on the New Surface Pro Includes High Praise & Worrisome Conclusions


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BGR just posted an in-depth review of the new Microsoft Surface Pro. Their writeup was detailed and included some high praise for the device; however, the praise was with one caveat, and that is the question, "Will the Surface Pro be enough, and will it sell well?" They came away convinced of the potential, but also made it clear that it has some serious road-blocks as well. Here are a couple of quotes from their summary, but the review is definitely worth a read,

Here's their take on the quality of the product,

Now, Microsoft is back for round two and once again, it’s armed with a very impressive piece of hardware. Unavoidable added thickness and weight aside, the Surface Pro is better than its predecessor in every way. It’s more powerful, it’s faster, it’s smoother and it’s more useful thanks to the enormous pool of Windows applications that will be available to users on day one when the Surface Pro launches on February 9th.

Here's their perspective on its potential in the market,

On an island, the Surface Pro is a fantastic premium computer that is portable, versatile and capable. It is priced fairly and it offers novel features that provide clear advantages over rival devices. But in a market where interest in personal computers is declining and Windows 8 is struggling to gain traction, I fear the Surface Pro might not be the right product right now.

The Surface Pro is not good fit for everyone, but those who do purchase Microsoft’s new tablet for work or for personal use — whether they number in the thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions — will not be disappointed.

Source: BGR
Well change has to start somewhere. MS might as well kick off the reference hardware to go with their new OS. This may not be the exact future of computing but it is almost certainly the seed of what we will see in the future. The convergence of real computers with mobile devices.
I certainly would not call the Pro 'round two'! That's the problem. Most outsiders don't realize the RT and Pro are two different animals.