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big problem with register my surface


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Hi, I get my surface pro 3 as a gift ( form second hand) - I've tried to register via website but have problem - I've contacted with surface help desk
- first time they need 24h to do this - but after 24h no success :-(
- second time they need abut 3-4 h - after another 24h - still no success
- third time - then don't know where is the problem
- last time - they need previus owner data - i don't know this user data

do I really need previous data owner to register my device ? someone can help - it's takes aout one week :-(


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You shouldn't need the previous owner's infomrmation the register. Had you done a factory reset and used your Microsoft account?


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I think the issue is, if it's was registered by a previous owner they have trouble or are unable to register it to a new owner.

This is something that should be MUCH more clearly communicated and there should be a better way of handling it but apparently, like many things, it seems not to be well thought out.

On the one hand not clearing previous owner would be a supportive theft deterrent policy however if that's the desire then people need to be very aware they MUST unregister the device when transferring ownership and resellers need to ensure this happens before selling it. MS should have a better process for contacting owners and resolving issues if they are going to enforce chain of ownership. However since devices can have multiple logons tied to multiple MS accounts perhaps they should just allow and track multiple ownership history and leave the enforcement to other entities. The way it currently works appears haphazard at best.


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what should I do at this moment - ? are there any benefits register my surface ?
Not sure you can get warranty service if its unregistered or registered to someone else. If there's no warranty left them that wont matter. I don't think you can download a recovery image and perhaps some other things without registration.

Escalate the issue in Microsoft unless you have some means to track down the previous owner and ask them to remove the serial number from their account.

Who did you buy this from, if it's a recent purchase it might be returnable because you cannot register it OR they may have a remedy/previous owner info etc might be worth contacting them to see what can be done.
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