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Warranty on second hand Surface Pro 4?


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Hi there,

This is my first post but I've been owning Surfaces for a long time (started with RT, then Surface2).
I am now considering buying a second hand Surface Pro 4, but after all the problems that there have been since launch I wonder about the warranty.

If the previous owner registered it, could I still benefit from what's left of the 1'st year warranty ?
The product is being sold used by an online reseller, so I can take no communication with the original owner.

Thanks in advance for any information you could provide me in this matter.



I purchased a two-month old SP4 on Craigslist. Face to face he transferred the name of the ownership and warranty online. Warranty is tied to the serial number of the unit.

You have to have a Microsoft account.


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Thanks for the information. So that means that if I cannot contact the original owner I cannot benefit from the warranty?
Or, provided it is tied to the serial number, can I still benefit from it ?


That I can't answer. You could try. There is a chance that the original owner never bothered registering the device.


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At least in the Netherlands it is as jtcb mentions: the factory warranty is tied to the serial number. And yes, you need a Microsoft account and register the device to your personal Microsoft account.

I have purchased a refurbished Surface 3 and was somewhat worried with regards to the warranty. So I gave the company from which I bought it a call and they mentioned I would not have the normal warranty (so, not the Microsoft warranty), but in case of real defects I could send it to them and they would find a solution.
As I tried to register the device it didn't work as it was marked as a business device that could only be registered to a company with paid per instance support. Hey...that's not what I want!

So I gave Microsoft a call. They were able to register the device to my personal account. And that's why I now have warranty until December 2017! I don't need a receipt...nothing! The only reason one would need a receipt is for example when your device has been on the shelves of your store for 3 months before you bought it. That way you can prove if it breaks after 2 years and 1 month after factory date you are still entitled for warranty.
It is even better: because I have my credit card tied to my Microsoft account I can use Advanced Support. That means Microsoft will send me a replacement and only after I have received the replacement I have to send in the defective device. I know it works because I have done this for my type cover.

To cut a long story short: yes :)


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Thanks for your input.
Based on your experience I am very tempted to give it a try.
Hope that Microsoft Japan will behave as honorably as Microsoft Netherlands did :).

PS: I am just new here, but I must say I am really impressed by the kindness of the community.
And my apologies to the administrator for having posted the same thing in two different places, I just didn't know where would it fit best.
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