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Black screen after after power off, keyboard lights on, all the rest OFF


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Hi all,

maybe i'm not the only one with this severe issue, Surface pro 4 (mostly used as tablet), 2 days ago i had a number of slow down in perfomances using Edge,
after some of the last updates Edge has performances issue on my SP4.

The PC had a slow down, after minutes i've turned off the power pressing the power button.

After this the SP4 didn't turn ON again.

If i connect the keyboard and i press a key the keyboard lights turn on, caps lock turn ON if i click it, the same for the FN key.

But the Surface give no other sign of life, screen remains black, no audio at all, i've tried to connect an external monitor, but no images (like in sleep state).

Of course i've alredy tried to let the Surface completely drain the battery, but it didn't help.
I've tried CNTRL+Win+Shift+B it didn't help
i've tried 3 times of both volume keys, it didn't help.
I've tried 30 seconds POWER ON button or POWER ON + volume - or volume + it didn't help.

Any idea?
Or the time has come to buy a new one?