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surface 3 black screen


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Hi, I bought a surface 3 (2gb Ram, 64gb, wifi) 2 weeks ago. Since then I've already had this problem twice: all of a sudden the screen goes black and I can't turn it back on again. If I press the windows button I can feel it vibrates but the surface seems to be completely stuck. I've already tried to press the power button for 30 seconds and then release it but it didn't work at all. I've also tried to press power button for 30 seconds and then power button + volume button for 15 seconds but the result was the same. Is there a way to fix this?
The first time this happened I had to wait 10 hours before the device turned on on its own.

I hope someone can help me, thanks


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I saw similar issues after the May Updates. Holding the Power button for 30+ seconds always allowed me to power back on. However, that was just one symptom and there were other shorter freezes and loss of connectivity.

After uninstalling the Marvel Wireless Adapter in Device Manager and reinstalling the driver it seems to have cleared up all the issues I was having so far.


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I ran into this issue maybe 2-3 times. For some reason the system freezes up, keeping it on, but leaving it paralyzed, thus not allowing the screen to turn back on. Holding the power button to force the tablet to shut down, then just pressing it as normal always worked to get the tablet back and running again. If this happens again and that simple method doesn't work even though you could swear you did it properly, I'd exchange the tablet for a new one!