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blue screen of doom?? (bsod)


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i got a bsod about 2 days ago and was wondering where the log was stored (if such a thing exists) so i could check out if any thing i did caused it.

if it helps, i left the sp2 idle for about 5 minutes on a full screen youtube video. after i came back i continued unaware that the WiFi had mysteriously turned off. when i went to check the network menu i saw nothing, just no networks available and not even airplane mode or the wifi on and off switch were there. then i went to the desktop and tried to run the networks diagnostics but before i could the computer sh*t its pants and pulled up a bsod. after the computer rebooted it was normal for about 10 minutes then the wifi cut out AGAIN, but this time it didn't crash. i ran the network trouble shooter and it came back empty. a quick reboot and it was back to normal. as of now i haven't noticed anything peculiar and is working as fine as before.

not sure what it was but i want to see what has happened and if it was a hardware fault or simply a software glitch (as windows is prone to do that...)


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Event log (Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> View event logs) -- look for a Bugcheck


Sometimes I've had the same problem than you with the Wifi. Suddenly it stops working, and when I try to check the networks, there are no networks available and not even airplane mode. I think once I also had a BSOD because of that. The best solution is when you see your wifi is off, just reboot the computer, don’t check the networks 'cause it seems to crash the computer.



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I hope you get this issue resolved, on a side note its Blue screen of death......not that it matters.....death...doom..equally terrifying, but it made me think of this :


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lol! but it did scare me to death! i happened to be going to see family about 8 hours away and they has a sp2 were we were going! i was so lucky because i had beem trying to buy a sp2 for about 2 weeks and i couldnt find one anywhere

when i got the bsod i was like"no way in hell this thing is breaking already" and i cant imagine that finding a replacement is tge easiest thing in the world.


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Yes, I've had this issue multiple times. There are quite a few postings about it. For me, it always happens when running on battery power. It seems to be related to the power settings on the wireless adapter. Don't set to maximum power saving while on battery. Since I changed it back, I have not had the problem occur, although it's a little early for me to state categorically that the problem is now fixed. You may want to give this a try yourself.


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I've also seen this a couple of times and I don't think it relates to the power saving while on battery unless the max power saving is the default setting. However the BSOD message does indicate that something went wrong with the power driver (can't remember the exact wording of the message)