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Blue Screen when boot processors and memory changed bad_system_config_error


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I was looking for why it was taking 5-10 minutes to get from entering domain credentials to desktop after upgrading to Windows 8.1.

I was in the System Configuration in administrator tools, and saw the boot tab. The "Number of Processors" was unchecked as well as "Max Memory".

I checked them both and 4 processors and 4095 memory.

Reboot and got blue screen. bad_system_config_info error. Couldn't reset to recovery point, couldn't do anything but reload Windows.

The good news is a had a full Paragon image backup that I did 1 hour earlier and only lost 10 hours of my life.

Why would this cause this problem? Why would they let you make a change that would cause this problem?

And it still takes 5-10 minutes to finish boot up. IHC(I hate computers).