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Bluetooth auto connect problem


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Hi folks
I have got a E-Blue ION Bluetooth mouse.

When I pair it to my Surface Pro 3, It is OK and work great. But when I switch it off or turn SP3 Bluetooth off, and then turn them on, It will not connect automatically and i have to unpair and repair them to make E-Blue ION work each time.

I think the root cause is related to the Marvell AVASTAR Bluetooth Radio Adapter. Its driver version is 15.68.3044.85 and the driver date is 6-20-2014, It is the most updated version I have found. I think so because when I connect the mouse to my friend Asus Ultrabook witch has Windows 8, It's working fine and it will auto connect after switching off and on.

Is there anybody that have the same experience ?

Thank All.
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First of all, that is NOT the most recent driver. The one I have installed is version 15.68.3055.107, dated 2014/08/19. Try updating that first.

If that doesn't work, go into the Power management tab of your bluetooth radio adaptor and uncheck the power-saving setting. Your mouse may not be being picked up during low-power state.