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Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse Interference with Wifi


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I am using a bluetooth keyboard (Logitech K810) and mouse (Microsoft Arc Touch Surface Edition) with my Surface Pro 3.

I realize how big an interference these are causing the wifi, when I was transferring some files on intranet and it was moving at 2MBps. I just happen to turn off my mouse and keyboard, and I saw the transfer graph jump up to 9MBps. I then did a Speedtest.net test with and without the accessories, and it was about 40Mbps vs about 60Mbps.

Then I started reading about 2.4GHz (which I am using) intereference by Bluetooth. Is there any other way to keep using my favourite mouse and keyboard, without screwing up the wifi, other than going on 5GHz?

My router is Asus RT N56U with dual band (2.4GHz, 5GHz) but I rarely use the 5GHz as it is not as far reaching (doesn't go thru walls so in the bedrooms the 5GHz is intolerable).

Do you guys experience this if you are using the 'older' wifi, and what can I do to solve this? Thanks!


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My suspicion is part of the problem is the Marvel combo wireless/Bluetooth chip and it slows down servicing both at the same time.
I suspect you might do better with a USB wireless adapter or USB Bluetooth adapter and shutting off one or the other internal wireless or Bluetooth devices.


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Hi I had this problem and tried ways to fix it for a long time... but for me, 5GHz was the only fix.

I actually bought a separate Apple AirPort Express and attached it to my router as it was only single band. All works well now (albeit with a minute of break up every now and then) could you try a Powerline adapter or similar to get your connection more far reaching?