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Bluetooth mouse lagging when downloading files?


Anyone notice their bluetooth mouse starting to lag when a download is in process? It lags when I'm downloading torrents and/or when I'm downloading stuff through the web browser. I'm using the Apple Magic Mouse with the default Windows 8 drivers, so this may be an issue with the mouse.

EDIT: seems my wifi is causing interference. Both wifi and bluetooth operate on 2.4 GHz so Google says changing wifi to 5GHz fixes the problem. Changing the wireless channel may help if unable to switch to 5 GHz.
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I have not noticed. I think I will test this out this morning. I have the MS Wedge mouse and it seems fine all the time.


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I have this lag problem as well.
when my google drive was syncing, I had horrible mouse lag.
At first I thought there was something wrong with the driver but once my google drive was synced, the lag went away.

However the mouse lag only appears when I use the wedge mouse thru Bluetooth, regular mouse through USB would not lag at all...


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Yup same here, very annoying. Unfortunately I don't have a dual band router and I want to keep the USB slot free, so I guess this is just going to be the way it is! :(

Just to note though, at one point with my first Surface Pro it got to an unbearable state, where I literally couldn't do anything without it lagging, it was driving me mad. I restored my Surface and all drivers and it improved a lot... probably only noticed it once or twice a day after that.