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Bluetooth mouse disconnects my WiFi


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This is strange, I got myself Logitech Mx Master mouse and paired it with my desktop and surface. When using it on surface it disconnects my wifi or pages gets stuck loading but as soon as I switch my mouse to my desktop it returns to normal. Anyone has experienced anything similar and knows the solution ? Thanks in advance.


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You may be in a crowded 2.4ghz wifi space. can you switch your WiFi to 5ghz? BT uses 2.4 ghz band as well as Wifi on 2.4 ghz can encounter interference. Other thngs also use the 2.4ghz band like baby monitors, cordless phones, microwaves, your neighbors WiFi. your neighbors baby monitor, security cameras. Etc. If you can switch to 5ghz you might escape the interference. You need a wireless router that supports 5ghz.

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