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Bluetooth issues with arc mouse + SP3


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The blue light is on the mouse but the lights on front do not come on...
The light on the front is a batter indicator and only turns on for a couple of seconds when you turn the mouse on. If it showed a green light, the battery is good. Red or no colour may indicate bad batteries. If batteries are good, delete the mouse profile from devices, reboot the machine, and then try pairing it again.


I'm running SP3 with the Surface Arc Bluetooth Mouse, for me it is all working just fine, happy to confirm any settings you might like. Also make sure you download the "Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse" app from the Store to gain access to some advanced settings.


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Thanks! It was working fine for a while except occassionally I would have to disable and repair it but now when I click the pair buttons the green and red buttons never even come on. I know they are suppose to come on after you hold down the pairing and they used to but now nothing. I think I may just have a bad mouse. I have tried different batteries and still nothing.