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Bluetooth mouse that saves a USB port.


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It works fine it took two trys to find the mouse using BT but it found it and I held down the right & left buttons along with the scroll button to pair. Their is a couple seconds delay when you boot but move the mouse and you can you it to remove the lock screen and go to the login screen. My main reason for purchasing was to free a USB port and I do like the slim mouse.


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I'm using the Apple Magic Mouse, which is probably the only mouse that feels as premium as the Surface Book. If you installthe bootcamp mouse drivers, you can get the vertical scrolling to work. I haven't been able to get the horizontal scrolling to work yet, however, I think there is 3rd party software available to get this to work.


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For anyone thinking about buying arch mouse. This is how it looks after
6 months of heavy use.


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I've used my Surface Arch Mouse for almost a year and a half and it looks nothing like that. And considering the travelling I do and amount of time I've spent on the SP3 and the SB, I'd qualify it as heavy use...


You can't beat the logitech ultrathin touch mouse for size and functionality, though it's expensive. It's the smallest BT mouse I've seen and has left and right virtual buttons as well as full touch scroll functionality and is rechargeable over USB with a very short cable that comes with it. Though you can't use it while you charge it since the cable plugs into the bottom, but it does have a 1 minute == 1 hour quick charge.

Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 - Bluetooth Mouse for Windows - Logitech

The T630 is listed as for PCs, but really it's just the black version. The T631 is listed for Macs, but really it's just the white version. Both have identical usage and functionality other than exterior color.

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I got a T630 for my Surface Pro long ago.
I also use it on the Surface Book.
It works very well IMHO and is very light and portable.
The only issue I have is that it is a bit small for my large hands.


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Every time I see mouse reports I think back to the $1,200.00 mouse I sold to one of my customers, many years ago. It was a special spatial mouse used for a 3D mapping program that required all 10 fingers to use. Talking about big!

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