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UK Impressions of the Surface Pro 2


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Haha yes, I suspect that the PR/launch managers are trying to improve things nowadays. He seemed like a nice enough bloke, if not completely useless (Not his fault!).

Glad to see another UK user as well (I'm up in Brummy). I have met only one person with a Pro in the UK, And that's only because the business he works for bought it as a trial. A shame really, because I have coveted it ever since I saw it and I'm sure others would too...

I'm currently trying to find the Wireless Dongle for keyboards to buy, but @Surface, @MicrosoftStore and other MS online advisors are pretty useless. Do you know of anywhere in the wild I could buy one?


The only other Surface I've seen was someone just sitting in the pub typing away... made my day that, lol, how sad.

Bit more of a hands on look from Paul as he now has a dock...


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