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Bluetooth offered to pair with AppleTV


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Since I don't have any use for bluetooth on my Surface Pro, I went to settings to turn it off and it showed the AppleTV and offered to pair to it.

Why? Is there something that I'm missing that a bluetooth pairing would do?


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My advice would be not to pair it to something that would stream over bluetooth. It's a known issue with Surface Pro models that this'll completely destroy your Wi-Fi connection... mine goes from 14Mb/s to 0.05Mb/s

Actually I have an AirPort Express that just got delivered, can't wait to try it out, hopefully this won't have the same issues seeing as though it connects over Wi-Fi rather than bluetooth!


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Thanks for the reply.

I couldn't and still can't figure out why it would want to pair as I'm not aware of anything that doing that would accomplish. IOW, what is the pairing supposed to allow?

I think you'll like the Airport Express. I've used previous models of them in the past and always liked them. Now I have a TimeCapsule in bridge mode hooked to my DSL router that serves my house, and I have an Airport Extreme in the AV rack to 'extend' the network and give me some ethernet ports to support some of my AV gear that doesn't have wireless, and lets the upstairs over the garage have wireless access. All has worked well for a number of years.