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Can Multiple Bluetooth Keyboards Pair With The Pro?


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When I'm at home with my SP "docked" in my office, I like to use a full-size keyboard, so the other day I purchased a Bluetooth keyboard and all works well.

But there are other locations in my house where I also prefer to use the SP with a full-size keyboard so today I purchased a second Bluetooth keyboard (same brand as the first). Much to my surprise and disappointment, it seems like if it is one other the other that can be paired, but not both! :(

Is this a Windows limitation? Or a SP limitation? Or I really should be able to do it, so the problem is with my keyboard?



It is a combination of Bluetooth and Windows limitations, but mostly Windows.
The main issue is that the Windows Bluetooth Stack SUCKS. If you can get a copy of Bluesoleil, it will solve all of your BT woes. But finding a copy that will work with any hardware is quite hard.
The BT limitations have no workaround that I know of. That being; While most BT hardware can handle up to seven concurrent connection, it can only handle one of each profile type at once. E.g. One HSP, One HID, One PAN, One OBEX...etc. If you do find a place to order a copy of Bluesoleil that will work with any hardware. Please let us know.


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Actually, I got the problem solved after I raised the issue with Surface Support.

The Answer Tech was able successfully pair multiple keyboards of the same brand. As a last ditch effort, after pairing one of my keyboards, I uninstalled the other, then performed the pairing again and this time it worked!