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Pairing code for a wireless bluetooth keyboard


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That is exactly what I did jnjroach. And it asks for a pairing code; when I click on "I will enter the code on the keyboard,: it gives a 8 digit code and it times out before I even read it. As Jeff wrote above, if that is the case something else is wrong!

Can you give us the brand of the Keyboard or even the FCC ID? I've used expensive and cheap Bluetooth keyboards and have never had it time out....

I'm assuming this charges via a mini-USB cable?


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Sounds like maybe your keyboard is defective. In the Q&A section at the keyboard's Amazon page, several people describe the pairing process, and some have to type in a code and some don't.

But if you can't even get that far, but other Bluetooth devices do work on your SPro, then maybe your keyboard is hosed.


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I think it's because he hasn't charged it... OP didn't know it charges via USB... so that's why he didn't have enough time to pair it because it was dead...


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It looks like some of the people who have purchased this particular keyboard cover are having issues with the Keyboard holding its charge, I wonder if this is what you are experiencing....

Have you attempted to plug the charge cable in and try to pair it while it is plugged in?


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Thank you all. I think that the keyboard may be dead. It is fully charged and still needs a pairing code for which it is not giving anytime - it times out in a half second.

I had liked this keyboard a lot - I may get another one of the same.

Best Regards to all.