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Bluetooth pairs, but doesn't repair upon disconnect

Hi how's everyone doing lately? I have been having an issue ever since I upgraded to Windows 10. When connecting a bluetooth device or wireless device (wireless display adapter) it pairs perfectly fine, however, once I disconnect the device from the surface, it doesn't pair automatically the next time I turn on my computer or wake it from sleep. The same goes for the wireless devices. I would always have to "Forget Device", then re-Pair it again. In windows 8.1, it would give me the option to click "Connect" on the particular device. Anyone have a workaround to this issue or am I missing an option somewhere?


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I have the same problem, however it's existed ever since Win8.1. I have a BT keyboard I often pair to my SP3. Every damn near time I wish to re-connect it, I have to go back into BT settings, disconnect device, yes, then wait until it recognizes it again, pair, then wait for it to pair again. I'm not aware of any fixes so it's a problem I've learnt to live with like a few other issues.