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Book 2 USB-C Port - Not Ready for Prime Time?

Hello Everyone,
FYI - I've crossposted this in Reddit - Surface Book 2 and USB-C - Not Ready for Prime Time : Surface

Back story: I purchased a Book 1 in 2017 and ended up replacing it three times (via Microsoft Extended warranty). Third time I paid the $600 and "upgraded" to the Book 2. I'm now on my second Book 2 and have been having a consistent problem with the USB-C port shutting off and on periodically.
This happens when it's plugged in to power (PD pass through) and when it's not. The USB-C hub is usually plugged in to two to three external drives and/or a portable monitor.
I have three hubs (as I thought the hubs were the problem) and this happens with the hub plugged in with a (Dell 90 watt) USB-C power supply in the PD slot. This has been going on with ALL of the Books I've had (1 and 2).
Now - interestingly - as I type this I have a USB 3.1 hub plugged in to power with four external drives AND a portable (Duo) external monitor and it's rock steady. No disconnects / reconnects. I lost data on two of my external drives due to the USB-C disconnects but no problems at all with the legacy USB 3.1 ports.
Questions - does anyone know why the USB-C port seems so inconsistent? It has nothing to do with the Book 2 power supply as it happens when the Book 2 is powered by the OEM charger, my Dell (USB-C) charger, or via battery.
Or is the Book (1 and 2) USB-C port just for power and not reliable enough for data and power use?