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What we want for Surface Book 2

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While my Surface Book is being inspected by customs in Memphis, I thought I'd start an early wish list for SB2 (so I can compare it to my thoughts after using it).

- MicroSD in the tablet (in addition to the SD in the keyboard).
- A kickstand on the tablet
- A second Surface Connect port on the side of the tablet (so that it can be docked/charged with the SP4 dock while in landscape or portrait mode)
- A manual release for the tablet
- Backwards compatibility of the SB2 keyboard with the SB1 tablet, with the ability to buy the SB2 dGPU keyboard separately (giving updated dGPU, maybe better batteries, USB 3.1/USB-C, etc.)
- Bluetooth connection between the keyboard and the tablet when undocked (allowing use of USB drives/SD card)


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This has been discussed in several threads. Several wish lists. In order to reduce duplication, this thread is closed.
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