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Boot loop


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sort of. My SP4 has been on the charger for 3 days when I noticed the fan running today. When I opened the type cover I was greeted by the UEFI menu (the white screen, hope I used the right term). I'm able to login to Windows but it freezes within 10 sec and reboots. I tried my recovery USB but the recovery option doesn't work bc I'm informed that the drive is locked, and system restore doesn't work bc I'm informed that I need to reboot and select an OS. I've modified msconfig to boot into safe mode and cannot load msconfig from the start menu when I boot in. Again, I have about 10 seconds before it freezes, I get the blue screen and reboots. Of course I have a presentation and need to use my SP4, but that doesn't look possible. Just when I thought the SP4 was becoming reliable....
Any ideas on what I can try to fix this issue?


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Unresponsive to F8. I was able to load msconfig and select safe mode, so now it boots into safe mode but it's worse now because I can't get back into safe mode or have more than 10 seconds tondo anything before I get the blue screen. I have a recovery USB, but whenever I try to recover I get a message stating the Windows drive is locked or can't be found.

Dirty Surface

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Your drive will be encrypted with bitlocker by default if you have ever logged your surface into a microsoft account or an AD account. However it might be corrupted if you cant keep it up for more than 10 seconds, that or some other hardware fault is BSODing windows.

Whats the BSOD error code?