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Both Google.com and Yahoo.com not working properly in IE11 on my Surface RT


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On my Surface RT, I'm having major problems with two websites that I visit frequently.

If you do a search on Google.Com, the results appear vertically and only fill up 1/10 of the screen. Did IE11 somehow mess up Google's website

If you go to Yahoo.Com and begin to scroll through the bottom of the page (News headlines), it will lock-up after about 2 minutes. The issue is only present when you use your Surface without the keyboard. If you use it with a keyboard, you can continue to scroll up and down, but the page will stop refreshing new news.


This exact thing was happening to me as well, but it's all fixed now. There were a few updates I just installed, so my guess is one of them might have fixed it?


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Yup... fixed for me too! But I had no further updates except for one for Windows Defender. The last non-Defender update I had was very early this morning for a Camera Codec (this is for the Surface RT).


Microsoft pointed the finger at Google. I checked earlier this morning and it was still screwed up. No Windows updates, no reboot and its working fine now --- so it very well seems like it was an issue on Google's end.

A Microsoft spokesperson tells me "It appears Google made some changes to its search engine that temporarily impacted the way search results rendered for some browsers. We have already made the necessary adjustments to ensure customers using Internet Explorer are not impacted".