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Surface RT IE Back button/Swipe doesn't work properly


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I'm hoping this is an easy fix, I can't really find other people that have this issue so I assume it is easy to fix.

I have a Surface RT and when I'm using IE I have some problems using the back button or swiping back to the previous page. Typically I start off in GOOGLE, then select a site to visit, then when I swipe back it goes to some middle google screen and simply returns me back to the site I was looking at. I can swipe back a few times and sometimes get back to the google search but more then not it just keeps me in a loop.

Hopefully someone has a way to help with this, doesn't seem like a lot of settings I can change.

I have upgraded all the software to the latest.

Thanks for any help

That's a bit strange but I understand your frustration. If I were you I would do a soft factory reset and make sure I install all available updates. I know the swipe back to previous page on IE is slow but I have noticed some improvements of late due to some updates. But it always works.