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Brand New Surface Pro 4 - 6 months old at time of purchase


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Unless I am absolute 'out of the loop' I have just experienced the above.

I live in UK, but spent Christmas/New Year in Florida 2017/18.

Waiting until after the Christmas and post Christmas sales, I purchased my new Surface Pro 4, plus many accessories a few days prior to return to UK, during first week in January 2018.

I have had problems right from the start with charging problems, so when I returned to Florida December 2018 I took it back to the Microsoft store. They told me the charger was not working, and said it was not covered by the Warranty therefore I must pay for a replacement. Believing what I had been told I did this.

However, upon returning home I wrote to Microsoft Support and told them I did not think this was fair.

Without going into details of the exchange of e-mails, the upshot is my Brand New Surface was at least 6 months old at the time. of purchase. I was having trouble convincing them of the purchase date because they said they could see the warranty was registered mid-October 2017, but I had not purchased it until January 2017, so their explanation is that 90 days from when an item is shipped to a store, it is automatically Registered for Warranty, because 'a surprising number of people do not register their devices'!!!!

Now I do not know USA law and procedures, but can that be right, and secondly why was I sold a product that was at least 6 months old, especially after Black Friday and Christmas one would think that all 'back' stock had been cleared. The technology behind this market is moving forward at an alarming rate, and 6 months is a long time for an item of this calibre to be sitting on a shelf 'gathering dust' Not to mention losing the first 3 months of Warranty!!


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If I'm not mistaken, in the EU the law dictates warranty starts on the day of purchase. But then again.... How long will the UK be in the EU?