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Buying new surface pro 4


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I am hoping to play 4k videos smoothly, and edit fhd videos using premiere pro, vmware
Other than that ,mostly serving internet , microsoft office

These are my concerns.
i5 8gb ram is the most popular version and price performance ratio value.
I heard issue with loud fan noise ? Unsure if this is able to play 4k video smoothly? edit fhd video using premiere pro?

i7 16gb ram seems to power limit thottering making it same performance as i5 and battery life lesser than i5 8gb

There's only 2 year warranty with microsoft complete, Is it sufficient? compared to normal laptop of 3 year warranty.

and is now the right time to get 1 since it have been launch 6 months ago, or should i wait for pro 5 which is rumor june/july or october?

Thank you.
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Firstly, don't pay attention to rumors. The Microsoft Complete is a 3 year warranty and unlike some other warranties it's a no fault warranty. You drop it and break it they repair/replace it.
I don't think you could go wrong with the i7 but an i5 with more memory would probably work well.
I use the i7 16GB it replaced a i5 8GB and with Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 the difference is great and I get the same battery life as I did on the less powerful version I had before.