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Broken Kickstand?



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Spent a couple of hours in the workshop trying to make the 3D printed kickstand stronger. Found a piece of sheet metal (i think it's steel or aluminum approx 0,5 mm thick) filed it to the right shape and glued the pieces together. Turned out really nice and strong.


Tomorrow i'm gonna take some parts from the original kickstand (the small pieces connecting to the hinges) File them a bit and superglue to an new piece of metal of the correct shape and make another one. Will post pics of next project also.


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I tryed another fix to replace the old broken kickstand. This time i used the hinge hold from the original kickstand and simply superglued them to a new plate of aluminum. Fit perfectly, and looks awesome. Planning to spraypaint this kickstand as well when i get a chance. Hope this can help others also if the want to make a quick and functional fix. (!) IMPORTANT! - If you superglue the holds & to get them perfectly aligned, FIRST screw them on to the hinges at open position, add a small drop of superglue to them, carefully align and hold the new kickstand in place for a minute or so. When the glue has fixed, carefully remove the kickstand again. Add some extra glue around the edges of the holds, to fix them even stronger. When completely dried, screw on the kickstand again... ;) Good luck.



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My kickstand for my Surface Pro broke a while back and no luck finding a replacemenet made me model a new kickstand in 3D using the exact measurements from the original one. A 3D printed replacement is now shipping from Shapeways. Can't wait to try it out. I'll probably make some more cool designs and spray painted in the colors i like later. If anyone else want a replacement I'll gladly share my own model from Shapeways. And if you want a custom made one with your name or anything else just let me know. I'll post some pictures when it arrives.

Surface Pro Kickstand Replacement by tunepunk on Shapeways

Here's a like to the one i made if anyone wanna try it out. I made it from the Surface Pro measurments but i guess it's about same for all of them?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Since the 3D printed version was not strong enough I'm no longer having it available to buy, but if you want to get hold of one anyway for modding and experimental purposes, please contact me. It's not strong enough to be a proper replacement but check later posts on this thread for info on modding.
Hey tunepunk

Could you share the 3d model of kickstand. Mine also broken and since it's 2020, Microsoft doesn't offer any replacement and I can't even find any parts of it. So only way is 3d printing. If you would be kind enough to share the model, I would really appreciate it.

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