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Kickstand noise

Nathan Cotham

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I'm just wondering if anyone else is as concerned about this kickstand breaking as I am. I have only had this device for a few days, and I love everything about it, other than the noise that i just heard from the kickstand when i went to open it. I usually only use one hand to open the kickstand which kind of makes me think i should start using two. I'm afraid that using one is going to break it some day over the ton of extra use through opening it on only one side or something. Anyone experience the same paranoia when opening their kickstand?


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Not sure what noise you're talking about, but once in awhile I do get a creak when opening it. I'm not concerned at all as its been working fine. But i haven't seen any reports of people having the kickstand break either. Maybe stop by the store to see if the creak is exhibited on store models for comparison.


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Mine makes a quiet click while it opens at around 90 degrees (SP2 position). Only the right hinge though (the one next to the USB port)