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Camera app launches after screen saver


Hi All, I have a Surface Pro 2 with win8.1 all up to date. I have the display set to turn off after 30-minutes and the screen saver (Bubbles / Mystic) set at 15 minutes with the Login screen required.

Most of the times when I come back and move the mouse or tap the keyboard, the camera app shows up before the login screen. I used to have to reboot as there was no way to shut down the camera app.

I disabled the camera (don't use it anyway) in the Device Manager and now when the camera app shows, it has a message "You need to install a camera" and then after about 30-seconds it closes and I get the login screen.

A few days back I decided on a fresh win install so used the msoft USB Media Recovery (or whatever it is) tool and it is still doing the same thing with the camera app before the login screen. Driving me nuts.

Is there some way I can remove the camera app? I am guessing it is the Metro-version as it is full screen and no visible way to shut it down.

Disable the camera from your lockscreen. I think you go to settings, then the lockscreen section and turn off camera.
Thanks, but made no difference. It looks to be a "feature" of the May Firmware update that there is a lock-screen Camera app. I have reinstalled clean win8.1 using the Media Creation USB drive.
Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help

Then made sure I did not allow the May Firmware update to install.

Not sure what other "features " were in it, but it still seems to be running OK without out that firmware and no more stupid camera locking up the screen after blanking for half an hour or more.

I am close to driving over this POS with the truck and going back to my Acer i5 laptop. Love msoft hardware hate msoft software.