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Is there a Photosphere App that will work with the Surface Book 2 similar to Google Camera or the Street View app?

It seems a shame to be relegated to using my 5mp camera on my Android when I have an 8mp camera on my Surface Book 2. I would be able to detach the screen from the keyboard and use it the same way an android take s360 panoramic photos.
Have you by chance taken a look at the Windows Store? I did a quick search for "Panoramic" and it returned "DMD Panorama" which appears to take and make panoramic pictures in Windows. I apologize up front if I completely missed the mark here (it wouldn't be the first miss). Take a look at the attached picture for more information and thanks for posting here at Microsoft Surface Forums.

Mike H

Thanks Mike,

I did see that one but my impression was that it just made regular panoramas without the ability to look up and down but I'll take another look.
How about -

9 Best Photo Stitching Software To Create Panorama Images
Canon Utilities PhotoStitch

Most of these appear to be "stitching" software - but you may be able to take pictures with your PC and stitch them together manually. Yes - this sucks, but it may be better than nothing and you can learn a new skill if you don't already have it.

You can always run Android on your PC (See - Run Android Apps on Your Windows PC - ExtremeTech ) but I am not sure if it will integrate a PC Camera with your pre-existing Android Software. Might be worth a shot though. You seem to be correct, the software industry by large, has seemed to left Windows PC's in "the dust" when it comes to Panoramic software. Shame really - when you consider some people live an breath in "Tablet Mode". If time permits - let us know what, if any resolution you came up with.

Mike H