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Can everyone check to see how much backlight bleed they have? Post pics of possible.


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I know. I want to know if the amount of bleeding I have is within a normal range or more than normal. How much bleeding does yours have?

My RT has bout the same, except i have some on the top right instead of the top left like yours.

On my PRO its just on the right side, but you can barely see it.


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Minor Backlight Bleed

With an all black desktop wallpaper, I can see backlight bleed on two or so spots. Doesnt look that bad on anything but black so the only effect this might have on my experience is when watching movies. Anyone else notice this on theirs?

Edit: i should add, if you just change the windows desktop to a solid color (black), you can rotate the device so that the taskbar will move around allowing you to check for corner backlight bleed (for me its noticeable on the bottom right).

Thank you all in advance for chiming in. Other than this, I am loving it!

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I've got this pretty badly around the entire perimeter of the screen when I'm displaying an all black image. It only bothers me when I'm looking for it though; but when I'm actually looking at the content of the screen I don't notice it.

If this was a TV or something I'd be pissed; but since it's an interactive device for the most part, I am not concerned. Although I'm allowing for my annoyance to grow. :)


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Seem normal with this kind of screen. I had an Asus Eee pad transformer and it did the same thing.. lots of users had the same things.. so i would say its not a defect of the screen. Its just normal. Normal but annoying offcourse. ;)


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Backlight Bleeding...

Guys, I had a 64GB Surface Pro from the MSStore.com and I didn't notice much backlight bleeding. I sent that one back before I picked up my 128GB from Best Buy, so I couldn't compare the two, but I really didn't notice the backlight bleeding on the 64GB versions. The 128GB version from Best Buy has a big spot of backlight bleeding on the upper left hand corner, really noticable when watching movies or with a black background. Best Buy says they can't hold one for me for a replacement, so I may just go ahead and buy a second one and return which ever one is worse. My question is whether they all exhibit some sort of bleed, or are there some good units? I remember this same issue with the iPad 3.




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Any mass-produced product will have slight differences from unit to unit. It's all up to you. If you can live with it then keep it, if not, try your best to get a replacement. I know if I owned a Pro I'd want it as close to perfect as possible.


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Does your SP have no backlight bleed?

Hey guys,

My 128gb sp has bad backlight bleed on the bottom right corner and faint color banding on the modern ui tiles. Did anyone manage to buy a 128gb sp with NO backlight bleed?