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Can I Re-Install the Windows Anniversary Update?


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This post started as a question. Since then, I found the ISO file for the Anniversary Update to download and I attempted to reinstall it on top of / replacing the original one I received from auto-update. Short answer is the ISO will install over the auto-update file, but it didn't solve my problems.
  1. Still use Chrome for WebEx, but noticed that in both Chrome (had to reinstall and disable hardware as I was getting screen flashes) and in Edge with new extensions - there is a ghosting behavior when scrolling. Text outlines / ghosts appear when moving mouse wheel. I have since downloaded the Beta Iris 540 drivers and still see ghosting across most of my device when using external display. Seems fine on just the SP4 display. I've confirmed 60 Hz refresh rate and native display res.
  2. XBox app wouldn't launch. Uninstalled it with Powershell and reinstalled from MS store. Nada. Downloaded the XBox Beta app from the store, and now both Beta version and XBox version regular work.
  3. Groove will work for a few minutes, but if minimized or just left unattended playing tunes - it stops all together.
  4. Maps won't work at all. I have uninstalled it with Powershell and reinstalled it several times. I can't even get it to open.
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