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Can I Remote Desktop through VNC?


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I am about to buy a surface RT today, but what the deal breaker is is if I can control my home computer via VNC on my soon-to-be surface RT. If so, can someone please give me details on how to do it? The factor of being able to do this would make or break whether I have a surface, and I really want to own one!


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RDP works with both desktop mstsc.exe and the Modern UI Remote Desktop App, I don't know of a true VNC App in the Store. If VNC is the only option than you'll need an x86 machine that you can install legacy software onto such as one of the Atom Slates. Is the desktop a 'nix machine?


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Let me tell you what I need to do. What I need to do is be able to use my computer at home from where ever I am at. 1 of my computers is strictly business, and I need to access it when I leave it home. Can I do this with the surface?


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Yes, I do this. There is an entire thread about this topic. Basically you need a Pro or higher version of Windows that supports being a RDP Host (Windows 8 Pro or higher for best results using native touch with the Surface), Configure Port forwarding of 3389 to your desktop on your home router and the Public IP address of your ISP's Connection. On the Surface RT RDP Client you would connect by IP (i.e. xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3389 where "x" is your IP address). Using Windows 8 as host your desktop will operate just like a Windows 8 Tablet using the Surface's Touch Screen. If your Desktop is Windows 7 or earlier you will need to use the Touch or Type Cover.


Welcome to the site. Hope you have found a workable situation allowing you to obtain a Surface.
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