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A couple of new user issues


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Often my mouse (corded or Bluetooth) stops working, right click will stop working, and in a browser or app such as right now, my type cover keyboard mouse wont scroll up or down on the right hand side annoyingly so I have to use the finger on the screen

Installed Office 2013 professional today and excel constantly hangs every time once I type for 20 seconds or so and I have to force it shut

Lock screen takes ages to swing around the right way and sometimes doesn't

Firefox seems to hang constantly and become unresponsive

That aside, so far so good and enjoying my SP immensely, just keen to get these sorted quickly...so keen to see if anyone else has had any issues like this.

I have the 128gb SP, and it's just new and I have not overloaded the system with too many windows open etc
Thanks Igor, but I'd prefer to keep a clean build so I took this up with MS support, who were fantastic and fixed my problems

My camera wasn't taking pics and was related to not being able to open my pictures library, so they reinstated my pic library and fixed both

My Office 2013 now works fine and I had problems with outlook not working, so they created a new mail data file and works fine again

The other issues haven't really resurfaced so to speak, for a bit so will monitor these.
If it seems a hardware fault is throwing things out willy nilly I will take it back and ask for a new unit, but for now I "might" be ok

Hopefully this is moderately helpful to someone else anyway
Excel seems to have fixed itself. It was hourglassing then closing, buy hasn't happened for a while now