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External Keyboard and mouse on SP


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So I can plug in my wireless mouse dongle and it works great with my surface pro, now can I get an external keyboard and mouse to work with it?

If I unplug my usb mouse and plug in my usb keyboard dongle the keyboard now works great and of course the mouse doesn't... so I though hey that would be great if I had a usb splitter, then I could use both my external keyboard and mouse... so just got my splitter and nope does not work any other ideas on how I can get any larger keyboard and external mouse both working?

Have not tried bluetooth, not sure what I would need to get that working onj the SP and if it will work with wireless at the same time? Help...




What do you mean by "splitter"?
I've not got a Pro, but I'd have thought any connected USB hub would allow both devices to be connected. There was a link to one custom designed to fit the SP on here somewhere I think.
Bluetooth is the way to go though.


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Three main options:
a) use a USB hub
b) use a wireless keyboard/mouse combo with a single dongle
c) use Bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse


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I use the Type Cover and bluetooth mouse... works fine. I might get a bluetooth keyboard at some point and I really don't see a reason why this would be an issue?