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Cannot connect to wireless network/hotspot


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My new Surface NT suffers from a surprising fault; I'm surprised a search through the forum hasn't turned up the problem here, as the Microsoft forum has several threads with frustrated customers and no solutions. Maybe someone on this forum can help.

My Surface recognizes and connects without any trouble to my wireless router. But it will not detect my wireless hotspot (called AndroidTether and running on an Android phone). My other devices can detect and connect to the hotspot without difficulty. When I try to use the Network and Sharing Center in the Surface's Control Panel to configure the connection manually, it notifies me that "A Network called AndroidTether already exists." But when I choose to use this existing network the Surface does not connect to it.

Any advice most appreciated.
I tether using HTC One V, HTC Windows Phone 8S, Nokia E10 via Joiku Spot with no problems.
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I have the same issue. no issues with wireless router but Androidtether I get a error "cannot connect to network"