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Cannot find & install latest Graphics Driver


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I just bought & receive my Surface Pro 3 recently (Core i5, 256Gb, 8Gb version). I have tried install & play some games like BFBC2 (Battlefield Bad Company 2) with it (intend to play at resolution 1280 x 768, Low settings, as this is mentioned playable settings by many online). The problem is at such resolutions, the screen is CROP...only a small play screen can be seen & play.

As I checked online, some others managed to have a dedicated Intel Graphics Control Panel on their Surface Pro 3. Which allow them to control some of the features..they are able to scale to fit the screens.

I checked, the Graphics Driver current version my Surface pro 3, have is

I have tried many time searching, installing the INTEL HD4400, able to find latest driver (29-08-2014) ...15363
But no matter how I download & install, I always receive errors...some of which is as below

1) The driver being installed is not validated for this computer....Setup will exit...
2)The driver is not compatible for this OS (...I downloaded that for 64bits Windows 8.1)

Can you help to advise, is my Graphics Driver up to date? How can I install the latest? How can I get INTEL Graphics Control panel for my surface pro 3?

I feel no idea & control over the graphics drivers & settings & aren't able to use my Surface same as others (others seems able to run game smoothly..while I have hard time configuring..even in some cases, my hardware are better)...Can you help me?


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Thanks, wditters!

I managed to download the zip, update manually version, install the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel. I also managed to play Full Screen

MS should have this installed at default.

Thanks for helping