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Can't find any graphic options on my surface 2 pro, please enlighten me


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Hello Forum,

I bought a Surface Pro 2 a week ago, and I am currently trying to attune it to my personal needs.
And I stumbled over a problem that seems strange to me. I can't, for the life of me, find any graphic options.
I am used to just open the control panel of say, my radeon card, and manage stuff like anti-aliasing and so on,
but there seems to be no such control panel on my surface.

Now why does that feel strange to me? Because I can't imagine a reason why there should'nt be one. And on top of that,
searching the internet provides exactly no other person having the same issue. Am I stupid for actually wanting
to access my pcs graphic control menu and its just weird for me feeling the need to do that?

Feels like not knowing how to open a newly installed window in your house, asking around if other people have the same problem,
and nobody has ever heard of something like "opening windows for fresh air - are you crazy, what kind of thing is that.."

Things I have tried:
Control Panel -> Display -> Advanced Options -> .. and there is nothing, just driver information, thats it...
No extra button unter Control Panel for graphic options
Search for any executable, no result
searching the internet, ridiculessly hard to find anything other then "news on surface" "Microsoft surface graphic power for gaming" and so on, 5 pages of news and adds, no single helpful site

Do I have to install a new driver + control interface manually? I thought every driver I need for surface hardware is included in those windows updates?

Help would be very much apreciated, and sorry for my bad english.

TL;DR: Where is the graphic control menu (vsync, AA, perfomance etc) on my surface 2 pro - seems like I am stupid.
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Pretty certain "Advanced display settings" is about as far as you can get for adjusting these options.

You could install the Intel driver package rather than the Microsoft one which I believe adds a Intel option in control panel which may offer some adjustments.

See this thread for more info on that