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Cannot increase/decrease volume with Type Cover 2 on my original Surface Pro


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I have had my Surface Pro about a year, using the touch keyboard. Recently I purchased the Type Cover 2 (which is what my local Best Buy now carries). However, it has a few differences, specifically the increase volume and decrease volume keys are not there. On the Type Cover 2, the first three are dim, brighter, and mute -- without any way to increase or decrease the volume.

In addition, the dim and brighter keys seem to do nothing at all either.

Does this mean that this is the wrong keyboard for this version of my Surface? If it is, I can take it back. Is there another Type Cover for the Surface Pro (not number 2) with those functions? Or is there a keyboard combination that will do the same things I need?

If there is another keyboard I have to get, I can probably get it at my local MS store where I purchased the Surface.

Thanks in advance.


The volume up/down rocker is approximately 7in from F1/F2 keys. Why not just use it? The original type cover had volume keys there, but it is not backlit.

The dim and brighter keys are for the backlighting on the keyboard. If they are not working then you have a defective keyboard and you should return it.


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Thank you for the help.

Why not? Because dumb me didn't know the rocker was there, never having used it. That will do the job just fine and I will keep the keyboard. I was making entirely too many mistakes on the other one.

Thanks again