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Cannot set proper refresh rate for external monitor after latest update


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Somewhere in the last month or so, there was an update to my SP2017 and now my external monitor (Samsung T240HD, 1920x1200) no longer displays. It's connected by a DP to HDMI connector, and up until recently, worked perfectly.
Something in a recent Windows update seems to have borked the Intel driver for the external port. If I set the resolution lower and change the refresh rate, I can see a display, but if I set it to the monitor's native resolution of 1920x1600, there are only 2 refresh rates available, 59.99 and 60. In other resolutions there are more choices and 60i or 30p work fine as do some of the 59-ish rates. Those refresh rates are not available when selecting 1920x1600.
I cannot roll back because it's been more than 10 days. I tried downloading a new driver from Samsung, I installed the Intel Display management software (forget the exact name), neither has helped. don't really want to have to install windows again from scratch, I just want my old monitor settings back!