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Can't display 3840x2160 at any refresh rate from SP3


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Using a Seiki 4k 39" monitor with HDMI cable and Mini-display port adapter. This exact configuration, monitor, cable was able to drive 3840x2160 at 24hz with a co-worker's Surface pro 3. However I cannot get the Surface Pro 3 driver and/or software to give me the correct option to display this resolution on my Surface.

I have tried the most updated Intel graphics driver and Intel Graphics control panel from the Intel site. I then tried to create a custom resolution for 3840x2160 at 24 hz refresh rate to parallel the resolution that worked on another Surface pro 3. I was able to create a custom 3840x2160 24hz resolution, however when I try to switch to it within the intel control panel it does nothing. I get a window that says "the new settings have been applied - do you want to keep these settings" with a yes/no (see the screen shot below) but in fact nothing has changed - the new resolution never displayed it just stayed the same. So while I was finally able to create a custom resolution that seemed correct, I was not able to actually apply it so that the monitor used that resolution.

Then I tried to "update to the latest driver" from the control panel and grabbed the current driver from the microsoft site. I can now see a 3840x2160 resolution (recommended) in the "Change screen resolution" dropdown for the monitor, but if I select it then the screen just goes blank until the 15-second timeout is up. In the "List all Modes" dialog from the graphics driver, I do see four different 3840x2160 modes - at 11 hz, 12 hz, 14 hz and 15 hz but nothing at 24hz. Any of these modes selected yields a blank screen. As an aside, I also notice that all of the "valid modes" listed say 32 bit in parentheses but obviously I have a 64-bit i7 chip - don't know if somehow the wrong driver is installed (I know I've downloaded and installed the 64-bit version).

Help! Any input which gets me closer to this working is appreciated. Thank you!



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So you have the Core i7 model? What miniDP->HDMI adapter are you using? Is it compliant with HDMI 1.4? Have you tried swapping for a different adapter?

Perhaps I'm out of touch with the Seiki developments and am thinking of a different brand, but I thought everyone was using 30Hz on these monitors with "active" 300Mhz spec miniDP->HDMI adapters and didn't need to set any special 24Hz modes with latest firmware. More info on miniDP->HDMI dongles here in case a more robust adapter is needed: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/danchar/archive/2014/10/07/d.aspx

BTW 32-bit in this context refers to color depth as opposed to 24-bit, 16-bit, or 8-bit color. 32-bits typically means 8-bits for red-channel, 8-bits for green-channel, 8-bits for blue-channel, and 8-bits for alpha/transparency-channel. This spec is unrelated to the 64-bit processor spec.
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Perhaps I'm out of touch with the Seiki developments and am thinking of a different brand, but I thought everyone was using 30Hz on these monitors...

I believe I have heard this a couple times also, that it was the way to go...


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I have tried two different miniDP --> HDMI adapters, both directly into the SP3 and into the dock.

One (which worked on another SP3 to display 3840x2160) is a Microsoft Model 1553 3.3x 300mA. I can't find that online anywhere so maybe Microsoft has replaced it? It doesn't have anything on it to refer to 300Mhz.

The other is a Startech MDP2HDMI adapter.

If you know of a cable and adapter that absolutely work I will definitely buy it and try it. Thanks!