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External monitor with keyboard closed--keeps turning SP screen back on


I have an i7/8/256 SP2017 + Dell U3415 monitor. Trying to connect the SP to the Dell directly via an mDP->DP cable. No dock.

When I originally plug in the Dell monitor, it defaults to simply duplicating/mirroring the SP display on the Dell. Then, when I close the SP keyboard cover, it automatically switches to the Dell as the primary display and correctly switches the resolution to 3440 x 1440.

However, after about 30-60 seconds, for some reason the screen on the SP turns back on, and the Dell reverts back to duplicating/mirroring the SP display, resulting in the resolution switching back to SP native resolution.

I've tried rebooting, etc., and it always ends up doing this.

I can go to Display settings and under "Multiple Displays" I can switch to "Show only on 2" and it eventually works like I want it to. But this should not be happening, right? When I close the keyboard cover, the SP screen should be off, and it should be treating things as if the Dell were the only monitor available to use.

Instead, as mentioned above, after 30-60 seconds of the keyboard cover being close, the SP screen comes back on even though the keyboard cover is closed, and the "Display" settings in Windows 10 is treating it as if 2 monitors are available. When the keyboard cover is closed, it should really only be trying to use the Dell monitor, correct?

Any thoughts/ideas to get this functioning the way that it is supposed to?

From what I can see, external monitors seems to be a common issue with the SP.


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I had a similar problem WITH the dock on several monitors: I had to take the keyboard cover off and leave the SP face up to keep it from reverting, otherwise it'd shut OFF the monitor and default to SP screen only, even with the external monitor set as primary.