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Can't I create usb recovery disk


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I got Surface RT second hand. And I can't reset it.

If I use Setting > General > Remove everything and reinstall windows
It says missing some file

If I use to create recovery driver
The option "Copy the recovery partition from PC to recovery drive" is grey I can't select this option.
and after I pressed next it says "some require files are missing".

When open Disk Management
It found 4 partitions
Recovery (300MB) no letter
EFI Sytem (200MB) no letter
Recovery (3.25 GB) no letter

I can't assign drive letter via Disk Management.
I use diskpart to assign drive letter.
It has 3 file inside
- install.wim
- ResetConfig
- CreatePartition-UEFI

And another is
- winre.wim

How can I use them for recovery? I copy 3 files to flashdrive but can't boot via Surface.
Is Anyone can upload recovery image for me?
I really need to reset my Surface.

Thank you and sorry for my bad english.
Cannot find the thread but I remember that One of the updates on Nov 13 resolves this. Run updates from the Desktop (not the UI).
Make sure you have them all (including the firmware update)
If that does not work try from UI open setting > Change PC Settings > General > scroll to bottom > Advanced startup > Restart now
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To access the recovery system you can simply get to the RESTART option and hold SHIFT when touching RESTART.