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Can't install programs on SD-Card


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Hello there,

I'd like to save some programs on the SD card (SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSDXC) so that the SSD is not quite as full. However, if I select the SD card as the storage location during installation, either not displayed, or the OK button greyed out. Formatting that I have tested, are NTFS and the (standard) exFAT.

Thanks for help


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Just curious what program is it that you're trying to install? I guess that this card is either a Class 10 or UHS-1 class of card?


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I'm fairly certain that's not going to happen unless you create a symbolic link and treat the SD card as if it was internal storage. If you manage to do that be warned that the SD card will not be as fast or as reliable and you probably wouldn't want to remove it, like ever.


This is the method I used with that same card,
create a folder on your C: drive
Go to control panel, system and security, administrative tools, storage, disk management, right click over the graphic of your SD cards healthy partition and choose change drive letter and paths, then choose add then check mount in the following empty NTFS folder, browse to the folder you created on your C: drive and choose ok.
You should now have the option to install programs to that folder and thus onto your sd card

I should add installing programs is quite slow on this card, I only get 15-20 MB/s write speeds with it, but they run pretty well as the read speed is 85 MB/s
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