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cant open guest wifi login page


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my office has given me surface pro but no admin rights. I can connect fine to my home and office wifi. However it has really annoying problem that it can't launch guest wifi login page automatically when connected to guest wifi in hotel and public places. So it can't connect to internet. I tried to make my mobile wifi hotspot but no use as it can connect but cant browse anything over internet. I have only admin right on firefox browser and cant modify IE or chrome settings. So the surface pro is proving to be useless to me as i stay in hotel. I tried http://fixwifi/it/ as read somewhere but it doesn't do anything. Any help is greatly appreciated. I cant modify any system settings but want it to force launch guest wifi login page ao i can accept terms and conditions before it allows me to connect.


Staff member
It seems your office issued you a computer which is configured to only connect and browse over secured WiFi networks. The adapter and network settings on your Surface Pro must be modified by your company.