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Auto-Connecting to a Network with Login Information


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Just a quick question:

At my university, they have various WiFi networks that we can connect to. One of them is specifically for students (as opposed to guests) that is secure. It requires you to login with your school username/password. You are suppose to only have to do this once. On my android phone and my old android tablet, after logging in once, it would reconnect automatically every time I got on campus. However, with my new Surface Pro 2, it requires me to enter my credentials every time. Its slightly frustrating, especially because it does this every time its locked (meaning when I finished one class, put it in my bag, go to my next class, open it up, I have to log back in).

Any suggestions as to a possible solution?


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At the login prompt there is a button to check to login automatically. Did you try this. I've noticed that mine at work will sometimes automatically login but there have been some times that it doesn't. There may be a bug in this area of the OS.

Just tried mine this morning and it automatically connected to my office network.
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