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Using my iPhone 4s for music only now. Bought the Lumia 920 last month. Today I decided to sell my Samsung Windows 8 Slate 7 (with 3 G) and purchased the Surface Pro 64. I like to "write" on my tablets so I might not buy a keyboard. Having a fun Friday setting it up. My only wish is that the handwriting recognition was as great as it was on my other tablets-XP thru Windows7. I'll be reading and posting again Soon...Diane. .
the calibration isnt the problem... it is just different. One example, In the old handwriting recognition I could move the insert button to the left Side. There were great programs that worked with the old like a calculator. A Sudoku program that You Could write in the boxes. Having problems though. My Surface will not connect to my home network unless I remove the encryption. It will connect to My office network though. Afraid the Surface might need to go back to the Store. Tomorrow I will call Microsoft. My other tablet with Windows 8 connects. Problem is for Sure the Surface.
I spent forever on the phone with AT&T and then Microsoft. First I called AT&T .. there aren't many ways to adjust the U-Verse router and they tried them all. The only way I could connect to the router was to COMPLETELY turn off encryption. So they said call Microsoft. I told them what AT&T said .. tech person said "call them again." I said for what? The problem is the U-Verse router vs the Surface (wi-fi card? or the way it reads the encryption?) On that network I can connect my iPad, my iPad mini, my iPhone, my Lumia, my Samsung Galaxy Note (android) my MacBook Air, my Lenovo (windows 7), my HTC Shift (windows 7) and my Samsung Slate 7 (windows 8) I just turn them on, it sees my network, I enter the password and that's it .. With the Surface it sees my network (among all the others in my area) I click connect, it gives me a place to enter my password, I do and it says "cannot connect." BUT if I log into my router on line .. remove the encryption, the Surface cancels in less than a second .. Right now it is in the box, I guess tomorrow I will take it back .. VERY SAD .. I waited a long time .. Microsoft says I should by a 4G portable hotspot and use that .. I asked if Microsoft will pay my monthly fees and/or for the hotspot .. she said "no."
Try refreshing/resetting the Surface and reinstalling the updates and see if that helps. If not, it is possible you got a lemon and an exchange might be in order.