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My story how I found SP - a lengthy one!


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Hello all! I am from Finland (my nickname is from a character from one of the Highlander movies).

Today I got a Surface Pro 2 - the low end one (i5 & 64GB). I got it pretty cheap from a web outlet so I decided to try it out.

My story is this (these are just my opinions and experiences of what works for me / another person has probably walked another path down the technology-road, and that is fine too):

When I was a little kid and laid eyes on a Commodore 64 in a store; my heart and mind opened for computers! I tried to write a question on the C64 (I believed that computers knew everything) and got SYNTAX ERROR as an answer. I got disappointed and started to dream about computers that could answer back (look where we are today!).
Well, that was my early start where my interest started. Programming in BASIC etc.

Then down the road I tried a lot of different computers before the IBM PC era.

My first PC was a 286 with Hercules Monochrome graphics; green text on black background :)
And DOS of course!
I still remember all those DOS commands.

My first Windows was 3.0.
And then I just upgraded along the Windows-path. Until around Windows XP.

Then came the comeback of Steve Jobs. Apple started to intrigue me.
iPods, iBooks, iMacs etc.
I started to feel that Apple innovated more than Microsoft did at that time. I am a "future tech"-geek so I have always my sight on where the technology is going.
I switched; sold my PC then and invested in Apple Macs etc.

For a long time I´ve been in the Apple camp; iPhones, iPads, Macs etc. I was quite satisfied with everything; the OS and the hardware.
Until around this era; Windows 8.1 - Windows 10, Surface Pros etc.

I still got a couple of Macs, an iPhone and an iPad. But I have invested in an ASUS Transformer Book Flip TP500, a Lumia 930 and now a Suface Pro 2. I am slowly switching back a little :)
I probably keep a Mac but I believe that the upgrades are going towards Microsoft gear.
I am migrating my two systems right now; it is easier nowadays to work cross platform :)
My switch back started when I tried a cheap Toshiba Encore 2 with Windows 8.1 with Bing.
I started to see where Microsoft is going and I like it!

My main points about my "move" back:

- I love future tech as I stated before; I like the way Microsoft is innovating right now: hololens etc.

- I don´t like traditional paper (I always lose my notes etc if they are on paper) - here I like the Surface Pros capability of combining input methods; pen, touch and keyboard (I love OneNote!)

Here I find the Suface Pro got the upperhand over iPad and Android (I know that Samsung and a couple more Android tablets got a pens too but i prefer MS OS to Android)

Surface Pro will absolutely save many days for me!

- I think I prefer unity over continuity; here I find that Microsoft and Apple got different philosophies - both work well but I think that for me unity is the road to travel

Bottomline: I believe that Microsoft is on a path that I´ll enjoy. They got a vision that I started to "see" and I believe that that vision will help me and many others.
For now I feel that MS got the upperhand in innovations over Apple.
I´ll still keep at least one Mac, just in case Apple starts to innovate again :)

It is nice to find a Surface forum and I wish you all well on your "technology" paths!