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Change of sign-in security password.

All of a sudden, everytime when I start up the SP2, it asks for my hotmail password. Prior to that, I had selected the option of entering a 4-digit number that I picked to sign in. How do I go back to using that 4-digit number? Do I need to re-set it? I couldn't find where to do that. Please help.


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Did you add a work email account or even already had a work account on the device? EAS Policies can prevent the PIN option and require a password or Picture Password....

So it is possible that work pushed out the policy. You can go into the Desktop User Control Panel and reset the security policy and add it the option back after removing the work account (assuming that is the issue) If no work account, just add the PIN back, if there is no option for that I would go ahead and reset the local security policy....


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Like Jeff said. I have seen that before when an Exchange account was added or modified.