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Changing Resolution on S3


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I'm having some difficulties with the resolution settings on the S3. The maximum resolution is 1920 x 1280. With scaling at 150% its still quite small for me to read, but the next level up is 170% and that's too large. Not to mention I want to play some older games and their UIs are nearly impossible to see at the max resolution. When playing in window mode I cannot get them to play in lower resolutions (the window gets smaller, while the game remains at max resolution within the tiny window).

I considered just changing the overall resolution to something lower as I did with my Win7 pc, but if I select any other resolution options the screen is no longer filled with the display = there are either black bars on the top/bottom or sides. Why is there no smaller resolution in the same ratio available?

I have read a few tutorials on making a custom resolutions, but I'm not good enough at math, or apparently google to find some alternative resolutions to the 1920x1280 that will fill the screen entirely. So, if anyone can give me some suggestions to work with I would appreciate it and/or tell me how to fix the weird windowed game mode issue.